Hello and Welcome to my Sama-Sama-Blog!

This blog started in 2007 because I wanted to share my work on the internet to make friends, share useful comments and improve my skills in Illustration and design.

Making this blog has been a great way of getting in contact with other people with the same interest as me, and to force myself to keep working and getting better everyday!

So, what started as a design and illustration site, has now evolved including 3D and computer graphics, and experiments mixing all the techniques I have learned so far.

Nowadays this blog is like my working diary. I will continue updating my works, and sharing them with you to share comments and critics, and expand our knowledge and contacts.

Feel free to comment and contact me if you have any suggestion or interest about this works!


In this section you can see a selection of all the posts from this blog that are about Photography.

Computer Graphics

In this section you can see a selection of all the posts from this blog that are about Computer Graphics and 3D modeling and rendering.

Illustration and Design

In this section you can see a selection of all the posts from this blog that are about Illustration, and Design.

Journal Papers and Publications

In the following posts you can see a list of the Journal papers and Posters I have published as author and coauthor in reference to my work at CVLAB - University of Tsukuba, and the New Tsukuba Stereo Dataset.


In this section you can see a list of post including news about my personal and professional life, and news about sama-sama-studio.

About the New Tsukuba Stereo Dataset

The New Tsukuba Stereo Dataset is a one minute computer generated animation I made at the CVLAB of the University of Tsukuba. This animation's function is to work as a stereo vision dataset for testing algorithms of computer vision, stereo matching, camera track, etc...

At the CVLAB's website there is a full section with more information about the dataset and its characteristics. Click here to see the dataset's web, or check out the posts in this section.

This dataset is free to download and use. To download the dataset, click on the following link:

In 2008 I wrote a story for (code name) Project Abyssmo, intended to be an animation film.

But because making an animation of this characteristics takes an enormous amount of time and technique -witch nowadays I still lack- in 2010 I made an adaptation of the story in order to be published as a comic book.

The comic would be divided in a total of 13 episodes; 12 for the main story, plus one bonus story; and it is planed to have 184 pages.

It will also be done entirely in 3D and colored by cell shading techniques in Blender.

The reason why I'm planning to do it this way is because once completed the comic I would like to use it as story board and make an animated version in a not too distant future.

There is no official release date, as I will have to do many projects simultaneously with my work.

All I can say for now is that I would like to see it done by 2015. Until then, I will continue updating with new contents in the posts below:

Project Delta

I started writing stories just for fun in 2005. It was a great way of exploiting my imagination, and keeping myself busy during the high school years.

Project Delta is the first story I wrote at that time, and even though at the beginning it was a very childish and simple story, I continued revisiting the scrip for many years to come, until I came up with a good idea to start working on. Writing this story I found my true vocation in illustration and story writing, and therefore it has become one of my primary targets and sources of inspiration.

There will still pass a lot of time until I can finally finish this huge project and see it published, but I'm going to keep working on it and hopefully eventually I will be able to to see my childhood dream come true :)

Nowadays, the story is still in working progress and it will remain this way for a while, since there are other more urgent projects that have to be finished before I can jump into it full time.

But every now and then when I have free time, I like making illustrations and renders of the characters and the scenarios, and I upload them here to keep a track of the progress and to make myself some new goals into seeing it finished some day!

Until that day comes, I hope you will enjoy the works shown in this section!

Free Tutorials

In this section you can find a good amount of tutorials of Graphic Design, such as Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, as well as tutorials for Computer Graphics, such as Blender and ZBrush.

This tutorials are free to watch and distribute, but they include commercial adds to allow me to gather some funding for my Professional Projects.

If you like them feel free to share them! And if you are feeling generous, or you want to help fund my Projects, feel free to make me a donation ;D


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Sama-Sama-Studio working at last!

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Project Abyssmo - Image Sample

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Emotions - 1

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Project Abyssmo - First Character

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Victorian Corridor - Blender Color Test

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We are currently working on our first professional product, with the code name "Project Abyssmo". Really soon will need a hand with the funding and when the time is right we will start a project in Kickstarter and other fund raising websites.

But if you are feeling generous and would like to help us now you can always make a donation - big or small - and we will make sure to put the money to great use, develop the most amazing projects we can, and we will be eternally grateful to you!

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